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    PVC stone plastic flooring production line, the use of domestic advanced extrusion equipment, heating extrusion molding. The double screw extrusion stone plastic product lines lifelike appearance, strong abrasion resistance, surface bright and smooth, and non-toxic, wear resistant, scratch resistant, waterproof, fire prevention can slip. Composite PVC imitation marble stone plastic floor has a multilayer structure, surface treated with UV, the color layer, stone plastic layer and the base layer, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, good dimensional stability, and variety of colors, rich, is currently on the market and more love decoration line.
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    PVC marble board is widely used as decorative sheet. As high quality decorative sheet, it use medium density PVC microcline as raw material, copy the marbling on the surface by UV photocuring technology. It looks like real marble, has smooth surface, and high reflective rate.This production line is consist of mixer, automatic feeding system, conical twin screw extruder, sheet mold, three-roller calendar, cooling stacker, haul-off machine, cutting machine, lamination device. This line has the features of compact structure, high performance. After special design, screw and barrel has the features of uniform plasticization, stable extrusion capacity, high output, long service time. Barrel adopts cast aluminum heating ring, fan cooling and precision temperature control system. Calendar can adjust the sheet shape and keep product in good situation by precision design. Cutting machine has meter counting device, and cut the board in right length with no error.
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  3. PVC Wave Board Production Line

    The wave board is ideal building material to shield rain and sunshine because of its natural advantage and low cost. This 800mm PVC Wave Board Production Line can be used to produce PVC wave board with SJSZ 65/132 twin screw extruder equipped. The pvc Wave Board Production Line is designed to bring high output with low consumption.
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  4. PVC Corrugated Profile Production Line

    For those who need higher output in producing PVC corrugated Profile, we would like to recommend our PVC Corrugated Profile Production Line that is equipped with SJSZ80/156 twin screw extruder. A 300kg/h output with many other advantages including better plasticization and average density, PVC Corrugated Profile Production Line has become good seller to worldwide corrugated Profile producers.
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